Sharing this gorgeous post I found. This really makes me want to cast on some of these.

Image 2

As you know might probably know, I love nature as much as knitting. So you could easily realize how excited I was yesterday morning when I discovered Botanical Knits. I was searching for some podcasts online about knitting, when my eyes were catched by the beautiful patterns of the first picture. Since then, I’m completely in love and therefore, my knitting list had to be modify…

Have you heard about Botanical Knits before? What’s your favourite pattern?


Je pense que vous connaissez à me connaître un petit peu maintenant, et que vous aurez compris au fil de mes articles que j’adore le tricot, et tout ce qui est lié à la nature. Alors imaginez un petit peu mon état hier matin, lorsque j’ai découvert par le plus heureux des hasards, Botanical Knits. C’est un livre qui regroupe une dizaine de projets tricot inspirés de la nature! Je…

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