Upon (finally) putting away my most recent yarn purchases (which is a significant amount), I was dismayed to realize that I’m running out of yarn storage space. That is to say, the yarn is overflowing the half a closet already dedicated solely to my yarn collection. As I held some truly sumptuous Rowan Kidsilk Haze in a beautiful Dewberry purple, and realized there was not room for it in the hanging sweater organizers I use for my yarn, I admitted to myself it may be time to do some destashing. 

Will I ever use those six skeins of cheap, splitty acrylic that I attempted to use once and gave up on? Why would I bother devoting the endless hours to a knitting project if I’m unhappy with the yarn? I think I have finally passed (well, mostly) the point in my knitting where I believe I can somehow magically turn low quality yarn into quality knitting. So why hang on to all this yarn?

I began to look around for a place to donate some of this yarn. Even though I’m not particularly thrilled with it, I’m sure someone out there would be happy to have it. It was then that I discovered that the DFW Fiber Fest will be taking yarn donations for charity. This works out perfectly, considering that I was already planning to attend the fest. 

So, it’s time to dig into the yarn closet and make some cuts. 

I must remind myself, it ok let go of some yarn. It just wasn’t meant to be. With some, they seemed like the ideal choice at the time, but didn’t work out in practice. That’s ok, easy come, easy go. We can stay friends. It’s not you, its me. All that good stuff. 

With others, I have no idea what I was thinking when I purchased them. Especially some of the bizarre novelty yarns. Those are more like drunken one night stands you regret in the morning that you’d rather not admit in polite knitting company. 

I’ll just show those to the bottom of the bag and hope I can give them away without anyone considering them too closely. 

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