Dessert Yarn

A year ago or so, I learned you can dye natural fiber yarn using Jello-o mix. I’m incredibly intrigued by this idea. My thought is to buy a hefty skein of undyed wool, divide it into a few small hanks, and dye each with a different color. Then knit it into a silly striped baby hat.
Although, maybe it would be smarter to leave it as one hank and just stripe it with the dye?

This thought seems to fit my weird desire to make rainbow colored things lately. I checked out a knitting book from the library (Classic Knits) and the only pattern I cared for was a rainbow mohair scarf. I don’t see myself ever wearing a rainbow scarf, but I’d really like to make one. By the way, it is a rather lovely book with lots of helpful information and plenty of basic patterns, it just didn’t catch my eye.

I also want to crochet some rainbow, crocodile stitch, baby booties that I downloaded.

Maybe I’m just needing some cheery color in my life.

2 thoughts on “Dessert Yarn

  1. Hi! didn’t know this was you 🙂 I see your posts on FB all the time! I have heard Kool-Aid works better. But don’t get the “ready mix” stuff. Just the little packets with no sugar already in it. I love that you blog about your knitting 🙂

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